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Diane Hair International

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Written on 16 Oct 2014 by anonymous12
She sold me a bog-standard wig at a premium price, then mis-cut it. Refused to consider she made any mistakes or that the wig was not what she said it was even though I had proof after spending many hours researching, visiting salons and talking to wig manufacturers and other salons on the phone. She also cuts out the labels from wigs so you can't find out what others charge for it. Refused to refund me, then tried to force me to stay in her house (where she currently trades from) until she took a photo of me without my permission and only let me leave when I took off the wig. I walked out into the street without anything on my head -- I was shaking and in tears. She was completely unprofessional, unscrupulous and incompetent, dragging out my complaint for 3 months. Even if the wig was the brand she finally asserted it was, it was still a bog-standard wig selling for as little as £135, not £425. I personally can't recommend anyone go to her.

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