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Written on 29 Jan 2015 by Lyn prior
I do not recommend having s new screen replacement here, my phone was functioning well prior to my screen being replaced, then my problems began , as the screen wasn't alligned with the sensor, consequently my phone would cut out or randomly ring or fave time someone else, it was alledegedly sent off for a new microphone and ear piece, despite me telling the shop owner that Apple store had told me that the screen wasn't aligned properley, only to be told that was a load of rubbish, and there was only one way to fit a screen. After another replacement screen it continued to faulty, I took it into another phone shop who quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it in 5 mins. Never go to this shop gir your screen replaced, you will go In with one problem and come out with another, I question should these people be charging £60 for 5 mins work, when they can't diagnose or correct the problem they have caused in the first place, and also manners and respect are not at the top of thier customer service.

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